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Advertise on your own coffee cups and get paid for it! Coffee advertising is; fast, reliable and a measurable form of advertising. Fast, because stickers can be delivered within 24-48 hours. Reliable, because with every sip people see your ad and continue to until they finish the cup, and measurable via QR code analytics that we can provide - see who opens, how many scans it gets and when they scan it. Coffee advertising guarantees that your ad's are seen and are in our opinion the strongest form of advertising.

We have a range of templates ready for advertising on your coffee, for more information please get in contact and have a look below on this page.

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Cups with Advertising Sticker
Lid with Sticker

How it Works?

We've made the setup process super simple:

1. We recommend you use coffee lids that have a flat top, such as the BioPak 80mm -
2. Choose from any 6 sticker types listed below. We then create your personalised sticker. (Optionally we can promote your business instead of asking people to "advertise here" by offering promo's and discounts).
3. We then print and deliver the stickers to you within 24-48 hours.
4. When you receive enquiries, you decide what businesses get to advertise on your cups and how much you'd like to charge (more on that below).
5. After they pay you, just pass on their information to us and we will have the stickers designed and approved (by you as well), then hand delivered to you as soon as they're ready.
6. It's that simple!

Sticker Types

Sticker Example - Type 1
Sticker Example - Type 2
Sticker Example - Type 3
Sticker Example - Type 4
Sticker Example - Type 5
Sticker Example - Type 6

Note: Not all stickers have to include a QR Code, this is shown since QR Codes can provide detailed information a small sticker cannot show on its own.

Who can advertise?

This is up to you as a business. You have the ability to accept and decline businesses to advertise on your cups as you wish. We've listed some examples that we think would be ideal for advertising on coffee!

Furniture Stores

Gyms & Yoga Studios


Your Business

Real Estate


Ad Examples

Free Trial
Free Trials
Events Upcoming
New Products

Advertising Cost

You choose the pricing, but to make it simple for you we suggest you charge something similar to below:
$250 min spend = 125 lids (125 targeted ads)

Charge in $50 increments thereafter. Meaning with every $50 spent over the $250 minimum the advertiser will receive 30 lids (30 more ads per $50).

For example: $350 ad spend = 185 lids
$350 = ($250 + $100) = 125 + 60 lids
= 185 lids total (185 ads)

Remember these are targeted and guarnateed ads, so you can charge however you'd like. This is just an example.

Lid with Sticker

What's the catch?

Our services are free! - We only charge the cost to make the sticker (Paper and Printing - that's it! And no we don't make a profit from this or charge through the roof)

Why do we choose to do this? Two reasons:
We want to help the community and see small businesses thrive. We believe in good will gestures like this will help create rapport with you & your customers.
2. We hope businesses will have a chance to work with us and get to see how reliable and easy to use we are. So in return for our free graphic design work, time and value we add to your business. That seems like a fair deal to us!

Sticky as Honey Guarantee

Our #1 priority is our customer satisfaction. We guarantee everything we do and stand by it 100%. If you’re not happy with our work for any reason, we will solve it, no questions asked, no ifs, ands, or buts!

We’re here for you. Guaranteed.